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Early Age -- Our program is devoted to movement education for 2 year olds, Preschool and Kindergarten

Dynamic Gymnastics Early Age ProgramTeodora coaching 2 children

We love our children and want the best for them. We are always looking for things that can aid in their development. The benefits of movement and motor skill development are important and should not be overlooked. In today's life style, we are faced with a movement deficiency problem. We depend too much on cars and spend a lot time watching television, playing video games and using computers. This life style mean people are much less active and more physically restrained compared to yesteryears. Our children are growing up with limited time and opportunities to move freely. Movement is instinctive, natural and the most of all beneficial. Our Early Age Program is solves this movement deficiency problem.

Preschoolers on beamDynamic Gymnastics has devised programs devoted to movement for early aged children to help improve their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. At Dynamic Gymnastics, we utilize gymnastic skills, games, the trampoline and dancing movement to challenge children and foster their physical and mental development. Our program is focused on the whole child to promote fitness, self-esteem, self-confidence and help maintain a healthy body. This significantly aids in mental development by improving the plasticity of the brain enabling future success in reading, writing and math. All children need movement to be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Get your children moving today at Dynamic Gymnastics, contact us.

Our Early Age Programs

  • Terrific Twos Program

    Classes are for boys and girls 18 months to 3 years old for 45 minutes. The children are accompanied by an adult (parent or guardian). 3 year olds who are not quite ready, must have mom in the observation area may participate in this class. Our coaches will instruct both the adults and children.

    The coach will set up the equipment for the training environment each week, so children can perform planned  movements to gain multi-sensory experiences that are safe, challenging and fun. This will further their physical growth, coordination and agility. The coach will also try to engage the children in activities with other children. We encourage parents to bring a snack and drink for their children and make full use of our upstairs meeting area. Our upstairs meeting area is a place when children can socialize safely with parent supervision and observation area for events. Each parent will receive a guide on how the parent can be more effective when participating in a child-parent class.

    Children play a variety of games and are taught basic coordination drills, balance, strength and motor skills. This is the foundation of gymnastics and basis for all future physical education classes, sports and fitness training. The equipment that will be used are: beam, spring floor, bars, trampoline, in-ground foam pits, floor and different floor mats.
  • Preschool Program

    Classes are for children 3 through 4 years old and will find that fitness can be fun. Our activities are designed to provide a development program that will increase physical skills and build a positive self image. Our  balanced program of gymnastics and fitness activities are sure to keep our youngsters cheerful, confident and enthusiastic. In our reception area, upon request, we have an outline of the specific skills that are appropriate for this age level.

    This class for boys and girls is 55-minutes. This class may be taken more than once a week. It will introduce beginning level gymnastic skills, flexibility, coordination, balance, and strength, through safe gymnastics progressions. Our students use balance beams, bars, vault, spring floor, trampoline and in-ground foam pits. We will also use music, games and dance to teach some of the skills and discipline necessary for entering kindergarten. Children with a strong interest in gymnastics may want to attend 2 classes per week. These students may considered for pre-team. Parents may consult with the Club Manager, Tom Brophy, if they are interested in more information.
  • Kindergarten Program

    Classes are for kindergarten aged childern (ages 5 through 6). You may select a class in the mornings or early afternoons, Some kindergarten children who have all day school or are ready for our after school program may chose to be in our gymnastics class that starts at 3:45 PM, please consult our Directors or Club Manager.

    This class for boys and girls is 55 minutes. The class may be taken more than once a week. It teaches beginner to intermediate gymnastics on vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline, as well as dance and games. The student is expected to learn rolls, cartwheels, handstands and walkovers on floor; hip circles, casting, and strength on bars; squat and straddle onto the vaulting table or pyramid; and walks, kicks, turns, and rolls on beam.  Children with a strong interest in gymnastics may want to attend 2 classes per week. These students may considered for pre-team. Parents may consult with the Club Manager, Tom Brophy, if they are interested in more information.

To read about tuition and schedule for the Early Age Programs, click on Tuition or Schedule .