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Our Kids Club

Our club is a world-class gymnastics academy for students from 2 years through college age for both recreational and competitive gymnastics pursuits. We are one of the few clubs in the county to provide comprehensive Elite Level training. We serve the northern Westchester and Putnam County areas of New York State.

Join Our Club - it's more than just gymnastics

We are the Kids Club that develops disciplined minds and strong bodies while having fun in a safe and friendly environment. Our club will definitely change your life by challenging you and allowing you to make new friends. Whatever your goals, our programs and staff make your gymnastic experience rewarding and exciting with far-reaching effects.

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Why Dynamic Gymnastics?

Dynamic Gymnastics is conceived and operated by World Olympic Teodora was inducted 2001 into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame Competitors, Sorin Cepoi and Teodora Ungureanu-Cepoi . Teodora Ungureanu Olympian and Internationa Gymnastics Hall of Fame Both were trained by the best coaches (Bela Karolyi and Gheorgiu Costache). Sorin and Teodora are recognized as international gymnastics experts in practice, training, competition and working with young people to develop to their full potential. We offer the best gymnastics instructions, guidance and mentoring that is unmatched by our competitors.

To learn more about Sorin and Teodora and their credentials and accomplishments, click on Founder/Director .

Serving and Improving Young People

We have been pursuing Excellence in Gymnastics for over 32 years and have dedicated ourselves to enhancing athletic abilities. Over the years, we have helped many students achieve their dreams to compete at the National and International level. Especially our elite students who have won scholarships at Division 1 and 2 colleges. We are very proud of all our students. In all of our programs, we strive for excellence from our students and ensure the proper blend of coaching and practice for each students to reach their goals and still have fun. Essentially, our job is to improve the individual through their own efforts and their desire to achieve.

Learning Life Lessons

As our students become gymnasts, the key thing they learn is they are the source of their own success. Not every student is going to be an Olympian, but there is quite a bit of good we can do. We can improve confidence, increase self-esteem, build stronger bodies and minds and healthier diets. Hopefully, what we teach them will remain with them for life and have far-reaching effects.

Sorin Cepoi We have a gymnastics program to suit you, whether it's recreational or cheerleading, tumbling or competition. Please contact us to discuss what you want to accomplish.

Sorin Cepoi
Olympian & Co-Founder/Co-Director

The Olympian Difference

Gymnastics is our life. We started our careers at age 6 and 11. We exerted extreme efforts and an iron will of perseverance to fulfill our dreams and become Olympians. What does this mean to you, we are exceptionally competent in gymnastics and know the importance of patience to achieve your goals. Our natural abilities and extensive experience allows us to direct your gymnastic progress in the right way and notice things most coaches just can't see. We enjoy coaching and sharing the triumphs of our students, as they improve before our eyes.  In summary, we offer you:

  • The best gymnastics training and athletic development available
  • Professional programs for multiple level competitive gymnastics
  • Varied & unique programs for recreational gymnastics that's just for fun
  • Expert mentoring and coaching to reach your full potential and goals
  • Safety is an integral part of all our programs -- never an after thought
  • Olympian experience, expertise and talents to personally assist you
  • Personal counseling in emotional times of both winning and losing
  • If talent, desire and tenacity is present, we offer personalized coaching and training to help you become a champion nationally & internationally

See the Olympian difference in action, visit our gym and see for yourself.

Our Vision Realized in America

Our vision has always been to create a safe and caring place to nurture and improve the body and mind of young people. Only in America were we given the opportunity to do this and we have made this land our home. We have built a friendly gym atmosphere that is both a social-gathering place and sport facility. Dynamic Gymnastics was specifically designed and is operated based on our vision and is our club house for kids to have fun. Our equipment meets Olympic specifications and is continually inspected for safety. All of our staff are safety certified and trained by us. Our vision has been realized in Dynamic Gymnastics as the fulfillment of our America dream.

We consider Dynamic Gymnastics our greatest feat in our gymnastics career and we take a great deal of pride and pleasure in serving and helping improve young people -- Call us to join our club, click on Contact Us.

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